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New to Yoga?

We are truly honored and blessed to offer the opportunity for you to practice yoga with us. Here are a few tips for new students…

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The single goal of each of our classes is to empower our students to live genuinely joyous, healthy lives…

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Check out our calendar of events for upcoming offerings!

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Amanda & Steve are stand-out students at Being Yoga. The moment they walked through our door the summer of 2011 - it was obvious by their enthusiastic participation that they were/are on the fast track to free body & mind. Witnessing them dive - fully into the yogic practices and embrace them in & out of the yoga room is uplifting & inspiring for our students & teachers. I feel fortunate to have met the Hill's on this illumined path and am confident their intent to truth seek will continue to blossom within their community - I Am Yoga & Wellness.

Robin Duffy of Being Yoga – Burlingame, California

Amanda has a sweet smile, is patient, encouraging and a joy to be around. She has a fully open heart, delightful aura and lightness. She loves to learn - a sponge for knowledge and a desire to share. She's an amazing mother and a kid-at-heart. Steve is a peaceful warrior, who's firm in his commitment to personal growth and enlightenment. He has a naturally, intuitive way of sharing and inspiring others to live their highest. He's incredibly patient and easily flows in any situation. He's also open to learning from his kids, family, friends and community. They both radiate light and willingness to offer their talents, skills and knowledge.

Karen & Mark of Yoga with Heart – Snowflake, Arizona (formerly San Diego, California)

Amanda and Steve Hill epitomize people who live their truth. Their passion for holistic living and care is infectious because of their deep convictions and open hearts… Amanda and Steve offer a sacred space to connect, expand and dream.

Tim Miller of Wilkinson School – El Granada, California

I've met many people in my life but there are few that I've felt an instant connection with. Amanda and Steve are two such people. They care. They listen. They are conscious of the world they live in and the factors that balance family, friends, love, suffering and much more. I first met Amanda and Steve in Tulum, Mexico. We were on a yoga retreat with a group of fellow yogi's. If there was ever a gravitational pull (and I'm not talking Ustrasana, camel pose), the magnet naturally led to this wonderful, warmhearted young couple. They were our de facto confidantes, our sounding board and when solicited for advice, they offered it based on their life experiences with thoughtfulness and without judgment. Their vibe is electric, fun, open, endearing and so welcoming. Oh how I wish we were all still in Tulum. But I am so happy that both of them are living their dream to make the world a special place right here for the folks on the Pacific Coast. I Am Yoga and Wellness will be magical. You will be all things - healthy, strong, vibrant, relaxed and most of all you will find your peace.

Amelia – El Granada, California

I feel blessed to have Steve and Amanda in my life. They exude all that is calm, serene and just. Their influence has positively changed my life and activated a profound sense of being, contentment and consciousness that I was unable to tap into myself. It is apparent in all that they do that their lives are filled with a purpose, that purpose is simple yet powerful, to help others lead a better life.

Frank Shaw – Redwood City, California

You could have no better teacher than Amanda. She has boundless energy but also has that special yogic countenance of a peaceful nature. Meditate with Stephen and you will discover Patanjali's yoga sutras: Concentration and Superconscious States, the Practice of Yoga, Soul Abilities, and Enlightenment and Liberation. When you have spent some time with Stephen on these four sutras, you will be a yogi, indeed. There is no such finer couple so equally dedicated to helping others than Amanda and Stephen Hill.

Arley Gaines – Foster City, California

Since you have opened your yoga studio it has had big impacts on me and the whole neighborhood. I have noticed that my posture, energy, strength, limberness, and overall sense of well-being has improved tremendously. I can honestly say that it has even affected the students that I teach at the middle school. I have been smiling and joking more often and that has positively affected my classroom atmosphere. Instead of bending down when I go to assist students while they are seated, I find myself squatting or kneeling down to their level, which used to be physically uncomfortable for me. Getting down to their level by kneeling has been a game changer in my class. I am connecting better with my students. All of the yoga instructors are amazingly good at what they do. I am blown away by the depth of knowledge, the meticulous attention to detail, and the unwavering dedication to meeting the needs of all the yoga students. As a teacher myself, I know that meeting the needs of all the students in a class is no easy task. Your yoga studio is building community in El Granada. The atmosphere of the studio is warm, friendly, laid back, unpretentious, wholesome. I feel that the opening of your studio will be remembered for a long time as a landmark event in the history of this small town.

Jimmy Stafford – El Granada, CA